Teriyaki Chicken offers the mouthwatering flavor of perfectly glazed chicken right off the hibachi grill. Grab some and let’s go.

Chicken Bacon

Chicken Bacon blends the savory flavors of your two favorite meats: grilled chicken and crispy bacon. It’s protein to complement your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Taco Seasoned

Taco Seasoned is the perfect combination of spices and chicken, only the crunch comes from the chip, not the taco shell. Make Tuesday, and every day, a taco-fueled day.

BBQ Flavored Chicken

BBQ Flavored Chicken has the mouthwatering flavor of sweet and smoky barbecue that’s been cooked for hours, to keep your energy up for every hour of the day.

Buffalo Style Chicken

Buffalo Style Chicken gives you the spicy, buttery flavor of your favorite buffalo wings, but with a crunch. They’ll get your taste buds going..

Ranch Style

Ranch Style offers a crave-worthy blend of buttermilk and herbs that you just can’t resist. It’s a people-pleaser with a big crunch of protein, energy and nutrition.

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